The House is quiet.  I mean REALLY, REALLY quiet.  Over the past couple weeks, all my children came home, we all went to Ulysses to have Christmas with David’s family, we all went to Fair Haven to have Christmas with my family, we celebrated New Year’s Eve watching the movie War Room, we celebrated New Year’s Day home together, and we celebrated Daniel’s 21st birthday.  Now my two oldest have returned to college, David is back at work, Andrew is back in school and that leaves me with the two youngest quietly doing their schoolwork.  Did I mention it is really quiet!

I’ve been working on my goals/resolutions for the year 2016.  I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t have them all ready to go on January 1st (perfectionist side of me kicking in) BUT I am realizing more than ever that if I truly want to accomplish these resolutions I need to put some thought and time into the plan.  First of all, do I really want to do them!?!  Resolution comes from the word “resolve”.  Am I firmly resolved, that no matter what, I want to give my best shot at accomplishing these goals?  Honestly, I’ve scratched some “goals” off my list because they were just what I consider “good ideas”.  Other things I crossed off my list because they were things I felt others wanted me to do (people-pleasing).

My list is smaller and might not seem quite as grandiose (I’m a dreamer), BUT it is more focused.  As I look at each remaining item, I can clearly answer the question of why I want to accomplish that goal.  I’m excited about each one and have a detailed plan of what I need to do each day to reach the end goal.

How about you? Do you have goals you are firmly resolved to accomplish and a detailed plan to actually accomplish them?  If you need some help, there is a video series that I have been listening to each day that helps walk you thru the process.  They are 90 second videos called Ninety With Nate and you can get them in your email by subscribing for free at nateridgeway.com/90withNate


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