One week…

Sharon profile pic2  The countdown has begun!  One week from today my book will be available on Amazon.  This is a 2015 goal that carried over into 2016.  I was a little frustrated at the end of 2015 that I hadn’t accomplished that goal; but because of making that original goal, the groundwork was laid and momentum carried me into 2016 to see it through to the end.  I encourage you that even when you don’t reach “original” goal dates to continue on and see that goal to the end.  Sometimes adjustments need to be made if we’re not making the progress that we had hoped, but the only way the goal doesn’t get accomplished is if we quit.  As February draws to a close, maybe some of those goals you had on January 1st have faded into the background of “every day life”.  Reassess, recommit, and make the next 10 months of 2016 count!


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